Improve search field (to target language)

Ryann 11 years ago updated by Лена Швыдкая 8 years ago 1


When translating the base language (English) into a target language, the "Search" field is useful to find a special text in the base language.

But there seems to be no way to search in the target language existing strings.

Then, this would be very welcome to have a "switch" telling if you want to search in the base language, or in the target language.

Moreover (but not as important) adding modifiers for the search like "Starts with", "Contains", "Ends with", "Equals", "Case-sensitive equals" etc. could also really improve the search of a special text among hundreds of strings.

By the way adding also "Contains word"

would be also userful to search for word "feed" without getting all the unnecessary strings containing feedback.