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See where the translation will be

Jordi Escudé Gòdia 11 лет назад обновлен Bernard Trinh 9 лет назад 0

Some words have different meanings in the way/field you use that word.

It will be helpful to see where the translation is going to be, like an "iframe" in the right yellow panel who becomes visible when you select a row. (or activate the link to the url's who have that word, opening it in a modal window)

It will be a lot of help to choose the correct form for the translation.

Thank you!


E-mail notifications of new strings available for translation

Ryann 11 лет назад 0


It would be welcome if translators could subscribe to notifications of new strings to be localized in a certain file from their translate-dashboard.

(for instance with a simple checkbox available on each line of any file list: e.g. here )

This way, they could react as soon as possible when new strings are added to the base language and that needs to be translated...

На рассмотрении

Informal vs normal translations

Robert 9 лет назад обновлен Sergey Stukov 2 года назад 2
The word 'you' can be translated in two words in some languages, like Dutch ('jij'/'je' - informal, or 'u' - formal). Some people suggest the informal translation while other people prefer a more formal way to talk to their customers. Would it be an idea to have both Dutch (formal) and Dutch (informal) (and the same for other languages)?

Top menu is not usable in iPad

Ali Saad Eddeen 8 лет назад обновлен 8 лет назад 1

When I click on the top menu (using Safari in iPad) the (submenu) appears on the screen, but I can't press on it, if I press on it, it disappears, and the click is passed to area underneath the (submenu).


Improve search field (to target language)

Ryann 11 лет назад обновлен Лена Швыдкая 8 лет назад 1


When translating the base language (English) into a target language, the "Search" field is useful to find a special text in the base language.

But there seems to be no way to search in the target language existing strings.

Then, this would be very welcome to have a "switch" telling if you want to search in the base language, or in the target language.

Moreover (but not as important) adding modifiers for the search like "Starts with", "Contains", "Ends with", "Equals", "Case-sensitive equals" etc. could also really improve the search of a special text among hundreds of strings.


Перевод на литовский

Sergey 6 лет назад обновлен Vladimir Mullagaliyev 6 лет назад 2

Добавьте, пожалуйста, на возможность перевести интерфейс Userecho на литовский.


Flag for Arabic is not for any Arabic Country

Ali Saad Eddeen 8 лет назад обновлен Vladimir Mullagaliyev 8 лет назад 3

The flag of the Arabic language is not for any of the Arabic countries, Saudi Arabia flags is usually used for the Arabic Language.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev 8 лет назад

Sorry for late answer,

We've replaced the flag for this language.


Translation in Georgian

gfds kdkjhhesd 9 лет назад обновлен Sergey Stukov 9 лет назад 1

I suggest to make translation in Georgian (ქართული).

Sergey Stukov 9 лет назад

We have added Georgian section, so you can participate and suggest a translations.


Greek translation

Angello Gabriel Ioakimides 9 лет назад обновлен Sergey Stukov 9 лет назад 1
Have you considered adding a Greek Translation? I would be happy to start it and add it in my FB account to add friends. I think this community very valuable and the tool is super.
Sergey Stukov 9 лет назад
We have added Greek(el) section, it ready to be translated.

vi (Vietnamese) language

Thái Hoàng Hiệp 9 лет назад обновлен Vladimir Mullagaliyev 8 лет назад 1

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